The freedoms within (ask me about what I mean)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the burning connection

Theres nothing more that I want than to remain in Israel. I've never felt so connected to a place before. I mean yeah, I love FLorida because I love being surronded by the ocean, and and I love traveling and seeing old buildings that have countless amounts of stories..but literally, I feel a magnetic pull to the earth everytime I am here.

These trips to Israel like birthright, TJJ, summer programs, etc. are amazing, but truly, the only way to truly experience the land is to be here for a minimal one year..which is barely enough. Theres so much to see, so many people to talk to, and so much to feel as you walk the streets of this historic country.

Just as a flame burns upwards, my soul itches to be higher and higher and to unite with the ultimate oneness.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

discover away

Isralight Inward bound was truly an amazing program. Its title says it all-it touches upon places inside of your heart and mind that you have never explored before. Basically I've gained a deeper understanding that G-d is not some guy in the sky-we don't even believe in that word-G-d-Hashem, the name is actually a oneness.

Not that there is one G-d, but that G-d is ONE. We are all part of the one-aspects of Hashem. A powerful thing that Isralight does to bring us into that state of oneness is singing niggunim. Theres something about hearing the acoustic guitar and the tunes of every one singing together just sends chills down your spine and puts you in a meditative state that is so hard to acheive on any normal day.

Not only did I have an amazing time on Isralight, I also was in the old city (since that where Isralight is) meeting a bunch of people around my age doing the same exact thing that I was doing-exploring their Judaism, trying to find themselves, their purpose, etc..My last night I hung out with them as we watched the sunrise over the kotel.

Tomorrow I'm off to Tzfat to study at Machon Alte, for my first seminary experience.

I can't believe how amazing everything has been for me so far..I am truly blessed. If you get the chance, I HIGHLY suggest studying abroad (especially Israel), joining in on amazing programs like Isralight Inward Bound, and exploring where you're'll never imagine what you can discover..